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Ensign Chekov Icon by KasakuraxMaskai Ensign Chekov Icon :iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 3 0 Chekov as Russia 02 by mylochka Chekov as Russia 02 :iconmylochka:mylochka 5 0
Eto ne tvoya vina. (2009!Chekov)
A heavy sigh. How could he let that happen? She was gone now… because of him.
Chekov looked down at the ground, tears threatening to tumble down his cheeks. He swallowed; guilt a heavy lump in his throat. How could he face Spock now? He couldn’t… Shakily, he stood, finding a bottle of vodka in his quarters. He unscrewed the lid, drinking the clear liquid straight from the bottle. It burnt on the way down. He deserved it. Gasping, his eyes overflowed with the tears that then rolled down his pale cheeks. The vodka still in hand, he drank more. It seemed to make him feel worse, not better. He still deserved it. With this in mind, Chekov continued to drink, pushing himself deeper and deeper into a depressed state. He held the bottle tighter around the neck and held himself steady on the bed, looking up at a light in his room, and he cried. Hard. He tried not to make too much noise, which resulted in violent sobs shaking his frail frame.
Izvinite... I-Izvinite!
:iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 8 5
Hey Baby by Inamkur Hey Baby :iconinamkur:Inamkur 73 26 The Infamous Science Station by soulOFironANDsand The Infamous Science Station :iconsoulofironandsand:soulOFironANDsand 35 26 Chekov cool pic 1 by Yuitcho-Kun Chekov cool pic 1 :iconyuitcho-kun:Yuitcho-Kun 6 1 Chekov Cool Pic 2 by Yuitcho-Kun Chekov Cool Pic 2 :iconyuitcho-kun:Yuitcho-Kun 6 0 The Enterprise crew by andyprue The Enterprise crew :iconandyprue:andyprue 409 92
Chekov x Reader: Shore Leave
You sighed happily as you walked into the book store. You were on shore leave for another four days and you didn’t know how long it would be until you were able to buy more reading material. Your friends always poked fun at you because physical books were almost obsolete. Besides textbooks almost all casual reading material could be downloaded to your PADD’s, but you just preferred the old-fashioned way of reading. You walked up to the counter with six books in your arms. The clerk smiled at you as she rang them up for you. Grabbing one of the books from the sack you dove deep into it as you walked out of the shop. You didn’t realize where you were headed until you crashed into something and tumbled to the ground. You shook your head and made a move to gather your books that were strewn across the sidewalk when a thick voice interrupted your thoughts.
“Are you okay? I am sorry, I vasn’t looking vhere I was going”
You looked up and saw a concerned cur
:iconvivivangogh:ViviVanGogh 162 16
Chekov's Demons
Kirk sat at his desk, playing a game of chess with the ship’s computer.  He was determined to get better.  After that last week long shore leave, Spock had trained himself for hours on end and now Kirk didn’t last more than ten minutes in ant game they played.  It was just frustrating.  As the computer beeped at him, signaling the end of its move, his door slid open and his navigator all but fell into the room.  “Keptin!  Thank god!”  Chekov grabbed his shoulders like a man at the end of his rope.  “Keptin, you have to help me!”
Kirk stood, putting a hand on the young ensign’s shoulder in concern.  “Calm down, Chekov.    What’s wrong?”
With a crazed look in his eyes, Chekov shook slightly.  “You’re my last hope, Keptin.  I didn’t know where else to go.”
“You look ill,” the captai
:iconredxrivers:redxrivers 6 16
Bridge Banter by AmandaTurnage Bridge Banter :iconamandaturnage:AmandaTurnage 249 102 PIKACHEKOV by taconaco PIKACHEKOV :icontaconaco:taconaco 326 33 It's deciving, Chekov by Vuas It's deciving, Chekov :iconvuas:Vuas 8 9 Creepy by R3dlazer Creepy :iconr3dlazer:R3dlazer 56 22 mirror, mirror by traumjanos mirror, mirror :icontraumjanos:traumjanos 55 12
An Unexpected Adventure (Chekov x reader) 6
The school year was almost finished.  You had taken much more lessons than you'd intended to, and you were tired all the time. Not to mention all the assignments that waited to be done. What had surprised you was that you had been pretty good in maths and physics too, even though you didn't think of yourself as a science master.
For the last week or so you had been oddly groggy and grumpy, and you had no idea why. You hadn't seen a doctor yet, because you thought the feeling would pass. Quite the contrary, it had gotten worse during the week.You managed with your studies somehow despite your condition, mostly because your classmates were sweet enough to help you out. They had been taking notes for you, when you had just laid your head on the table and not listening to the lecture.
You tried to get the sounds muffled by covering your ears with your hands, but it wasn't very effective. These headaches were new. Sure, you'd had your portion of common headache, but this felt much wors
:iconengaru:Engaru 41 5


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